About Being Home: A Retrospective

My friend, Dianna, said that I should be blogging. I agreed so I opened up wordpress to dust off my virtual workplace and found this post from last year. I like it. It should be instructive that apparently last year I thought this wasn’t finished. Now I can see that it was fine. I’m sending it out now as I prepare for this year’s trip home under very different circumstances. Enjoy the memory with me.

The sensation of being connected to a truck and moving to the next spot. My desk is a mess. I can’t remember where anything goes. Dirty laundry abounds.

Walking/biking to the Co-op. It’s a simple joy. We live 4 blocks from the Co-op Food Store. Bike is the best way to go.

Racial Equity: White Space Listening. Learning about how “ally” is a verb.

Overwhelmed with garden work: Unpruned roses, weeds everywhere. The garden untilled-oh my!

Reconnecting with friends


Caitlin relaxing with her two big black mops
Nińo guards the computer.

Cinco de Mayo. A nice evening out to celebrate being home. Plancha.



2 thoughts on “About Being Home: A Retrospective

    1. nancykeeley7030 Post author

      Thanks, Karen. I realized that writing and keeping connected was perhaps the most compassionate thing that I could do right now. I’m grateful to you for reading. Congratulations on the new grandchild coming. I’ll keep y’all in my prayers. Isn’t it good that we have so much time to pray! Love, Many




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