Back to Borrego

Yuma sunset

We tried. We really, really tried. Jonathan needed two more visits to Los Algodones to finish his dental work. It made a lot of sense to just go to Yuma and see if we could find a place that we liked. We had a recommendation for a place in the foothills east of Yuma called Carefree Village. When we got there we were impressed by the variety of amenities: two swimming pools, jacuzzis, exercise room, craft room, multiple ball courts including bocce, and a workshop for small projects. We decided to give it a try. The place was pretty deserted. They told us that two weeks ago it was completely full. Weather had turned warm and it was a bit windy. And then it got really windy, too windy to do much of anything outdoors. We shopped for groceries, cooled off in the pool.

Carefree Village RV Park in Yuma, AZ. I think they used to call these “drive in movies”.

Jonathan saw the dentist and all was well. He completed his first implant. They asked him to come back in five days to finish up work in progress on another tooth. Drat! Long enough to make our stay in Yuma a real deal; too short, we thought, to go anywhere else. We dithered for a day and while we dithered the wind increased and the nearby marine airbase must have decided that those attack helicopters needed some low-flying-in-the-wind practice. The blowing dust made the air quality unhealthy. We felt like we were trapped in a fishbowl in that parking lot of an RV park. So after a day of dithering we made a run back to Borrego Springs-just 2 hours away. We pulled into Holiday Home, which now looked like a ghost town. We were the only RV there. We picked the nicest spot and backed right in. We felt like we were home.

Relaxing in the shade of a mesquite tree–Borrego Springs

It was amazing how much things had changed in the three weeks that we had been gone. Trees leafed out, cactus were blooming, and all the green grass was now brown. The reptiles had awakened from their winter slumber and were slithering about. A little Desert Iguana ran right through our campsite and paused on Jonathan’s foot before realizing he wasn’t where he wanted to be.

Blooming Prickly Pear Cactus

I finished doing the taxes which made me blissfully happy. Why is that such a big deal? Well, when we left in December I never imagined that we wouldn’t be back by April 15th. I had almost none of the documents that I needed to do the taxes. When I decided to file an extension it seemed that figuring out how much to pay would be as much trouble as actually completing the job. So I sallied forth and persisted, which meant lots and lots of internet-based document recovery. I started in Yuma and continued after we got to Borrego. The wi-fi there leaves a lot to be desired–very slow and unpredictable. It was truly a test of PATIENCE. We pulled out the bikes and went for a ride on our familiar turf. In between bike rides and reconnecting with friends Amy, Al, and Charlie. The taxes came together and I did a happy dance.

Me–after finally getting the taxes done!

We’ve never been in Borrego Springs this late in the year—quiet, uncrowded, very mellow. The weather was perfect.

Morning yoga
Borrego Holiday Ghost Town. Where did all our friends go? It felt very strange to look down this road that just the month before was filled with RVs and buzzing with friends.

Then back for the final visit to the dentist. And, guess what? Los Algodones was way less crowded too. On our final visit Jonathan finished up his dental work for the season, we walked back to the border and right up to the checkpoint. No line at all. Kind of makes you want to do all those dental visits in the off season. How much heat can you stand?

Doctora Erika and her assistant in the dental suite–Jonathan’s favorite dentist.

Genealogy Diversion

Back in Borrego we added a couple of extra days so I could meet up with my cousins. I’ve been doing genealogy research for several years. Last year I was contacted by a surprise cousin, Rosie. She’s the granddaughter of my Uncle Jack. Turns out good old Uncle Jack had three children that none of us knew about. Ya gotta love science. DNA said we’re cousins. And it was pretty easy to believe when I saw a picture of Rosie’s Aunt Kristie sitting on her Dad’s lap at about age two and I thought “Hey, that’s me!”. We looked so much alike-right down to the way we sucked our fingers. I was able to verify the story and through Rosie got in touch with Charlene, the granddaughter of my Aunt Virginia. Charlene lives in Desert Hot Springs, just a stone’s throw north of Palm Springs. It was the weekend of the Coachella Music Festival. We braved the traffic (it wasn’t bad) and Charlene opened her home to us. Rosie drove from her home in Corona, CA. We had fun getting to know each other and compared our research notes, family photos, and shared stories.

We’re cousins! From left: Charlene, Rosie, me.

The Road Home

Once we decided it was time to head home it was a bit like horse-to-barn. We left on Monday–the day AFTER Coachella weekend. Very slow moving traffic, but we made it as far as Bakersfield. We found a mellow and friendly spot, Bakersfield Travel Park, to overnight and then continued north the next day. For quick overnights we prefer places that are quiet, friendly, economical. Amenities don’t mean much to us.

Last stop: Happy Trails RV Park in Dunnigan, CA. Nice and peacefull, easy in, easy out–it had everything we needed.

We came home to a beautiful, sunny day–pulled out the porch chairs, poured a glass of wine, and said thank you to all our friends and family and all our blessings. Now if I can just remember where all my stuff goes…..

Porch, sweet porch!

14 thoughts on “Back to Borrego

  1. Russ Rickert

    Welcome Home! Glad you’re back and we should be finishing up here in the Rose City a week from Monday. See you soon!


  2. Jay Hansen

    Glad you are home safe——Yuma is an arm pit for sure—-hard enough to have to drive through it and get gas on the way to or from Tucson—-do not understand why people snowbird there…..happy Easter, J+J

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Jay Hansen

    Enjoyed partying with you and yours in Borrego Springs
    Glad you 2 are home safe after another exploratory adventure
    Jay & Jean


  4. Laurel

    We’ve never been to Borrego Springs this late in the year—glad the weather was nice to you, and the blooming cactus is beautiful! I like your “porch, sweet porch” photo. 🙂


  5. nancykeeley7030 Post author

    Thanks Laurel. It’s good to be home. I’m not sure if planning on later stay in Borrego in the future is a good idea because the weather was so unusual this year….but it is tempting. Continued safe travels.


  6. Dianna Jackson

    Another great blog!!! Just missed you. We stayed with Eliz and Ron’s on our way to Portland. We are here in Portland until mid-Oct. We should get together.


  7. Renée Rickert

    Borrego is very nice in the quiet moments! Hope we have warmer weather next season. Looking forward to getting home soon! Love to both of you, and Caitlin and Rhiannon too.💞🌷



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