Desert Living

While I’m trying to figure out the mechanics of publishing my thoughts on this blog you’ll probably find it a little disorganized. That’s because I’m using a new blog web support thingie and so there’s, once again, a very steep learning curve.

So I’ll stop complaining and just start writing…

We arrived in Borrego Springs ten days ago. It took three days to get here because we like to keep the trailer hauling short and during daylight hours. Since arriving in Borrego we have reconnected with friends and gotten busy doing the things we love to do.

Biking: we have been pedaling around the valley and yesterday we rode up to the Yaqui Pass summit. It was a beautiful day and it takes me about an hour to get to the top. I like that I’m by myself when I’m riding. The desert is beautiful and it’s a great meditative activity. The rest of the group is faster than I am so I lost them (or they lost me). Some how I arrived back at the trailer just a few minutes after Jonathan and it was quite a ballet that we managed to do an out and back ride without seeing each other on the return jaunt.

St Richard’s Catholic Church: We really like the catholic community here and we arrived just a few days before Christmas. There’s a new priest-Fr Fernando. We recognized many of our old friends and were happy to see them. I got the mass times wrong so we ended up with a couple or extra hours. A great opportunity to go out for Christmas Eve dinner at Carmelita’s.

Music: Linda and Steve Kramer are camped near us. Linda came equipped with a full keyboard. I brought my violin because it’s quite a bit smaller than the cello. I haven’t played the violin in about 10 years so it’s not sounding too great. But Linda is quite skilled and very patient and we’ve been enjoying working on some simple classical duets and our second attempt sounded much better than the first.

Borrego Springs Community: Last year the community was deep in discussion and planning for a new library and park. This year it was nearly completed and is absolutely amazing. The new library is spacious and inviting, with outdoor patio area and built to fit in with the desert environment. Across the street is a new playground, various game courts, dog run and the new sherif’s department office.

5 thoughts on “Desert Living

  1. Sheri

    Happy New Year Nancy and Jonathon! Great blog. It makes me wish I was there. The dense fog of Rogue Valley has me daydreaming of sunshine and wam days also. I’m looking forward to some bocce ball. See you soon😊


  2. Laurel

    How fun to see you in Borrego Springs! Glad to see you have your website up and running. Looking forward to more updates, happy travels from your fellow Arctic Fox wanderers! Laurel & Eric



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